(Fomerly Argos Society)

ReVolt is a new way of (em)powering communities.

We’re installing 250 microbial fuel cells (aka dirt batteries) in villages to power Kenyans’ mobile phones. Our innovative solution is providing a convenient method to charge electronic devices.

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How does it work? 

Microbial fuel cells contain bacteria that have electrochemically active proteins that are able to transfer electrons. By creating a Daniell cell with dirt, water, and a bridge to facilitate electron flow, electricity can be generated to charge a mobile phone.

Kenya has undergone a mobile technology boom. Mobile phones cut down the time and cost to carry out basic tasks. Farmers check prices on chickens, make payments to the bank, and send money to their family with a push of a button.

Why Kenya?

We’re providing villages access to electricity and eliminating the need to walk long distances to charge mobile phones. We’re initiating our pilot program in late 2014 as we roll out new prototypes from the lab.

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